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Import Utility

Nextep Portal Accounts Import Utility


All guests must be imported as a registered guest, a guest with a chargeable account, or both.

To import multiple accounts:

  1. From the lower-left of the Guest Account Import page, select Download CSV Template to download the guest account import template.

  2. Open the template and enter the account information to import.

    The following fields are required:




    Type one of the following values:

    • Active - The account is available for use.

    • Locked - The account is not available for use.

    Account Number

    Account number used to identify the account.

    For an Inclining Credit account, such as Badge Pay:

    In the Inclining Credit field, type the balance of the Inclining Credit account.

    For a Declining Reset account, such as gift cards:

    In the Declining Reset field, type the balance of the Declining Reset account.

  3. Delete any unused fields on the template to prevent importing errors.

  4. Save the template as a Tab Delimited Text Document.

  5. From the Guest Account Import page, select the account type(s) to import:

    • Create/Update Registered Guests - Registered guests can login to mobile ordering sites. An email address and password is required.

    • Create/Update Chargeable Accounts - Chargeable accounts can be tendered on the POS using external tenders. An account number is required.

      • From the Account Type dropdown, select the applicable account type.

  6. From the File Format dropdown, select Tab Delimited.

  7. From the File to Import field, select Choose File.

  8. Select the template file that was edited in the previous steps, and then select OK.

  9. From the lower-left of the Guest Account Import page, select OK.