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Automated EOD

Automated EOD runs on the Back Office thirty (30) minutes after the defined time range for the standard EOD Workflow has passed. For example, if the time range to run the standard EOD is 3:05 PM - 6:30 PM, then Automated EOD runs at 7:00 PM.

The POS performs an automated EOD on each register at 3:00 PM. The following actions are taken on each register:

  • The current cash drawer is Closed.

  • The cash drawer is marked as Counted for the System Expected dollar amount.

  • The business date is advanced to the next calendar day. All orders tendered at the POS are associated with the business date that is set for the POS terminal where they are tendered.

  • (Optional) A drawer slip is automatically printed and the physical cash drawer pops open.

The Back Office continues to operate on the current business date until the scheduled Automated EOD runs. This ensures operations such as Deposits and Inventory are associated with the correct business date.