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Greet Time

Greet Time is an optional segment configuration. Greet Time is defined as the length of time between vehicle detection at the menu board and the activation of the drive-thru team headset.

Key points about Greet Time and drive-thru headset activations:

  • If the drive-thru headset never activates while a vehicle is at the menu board, the Greet Time does not record and does not affect the current Greet Time score.

  • Other headset activations (apart from the drive-thru headset) do not affect Greet Time.

Greet Time is available on:

  • The Summary Screen, when the drive-thru is idle.

  • The Day Part Summary Report.

    For more information, see Greet Time Reporting.

Greet Time Reporting

Greet Time metrics appear on the Daypart Summary Report.

Metrics that appear on the Daypart Summary Report:

Report Header



GT or Greet Time, displays the average Greet Time events that occur within the day part.


GTS% or the Greet Time Success Percentage, displays the Greet Time Success Percentage events that occur within the configured Greet Time goal.