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Build To (Par Level) Configuration

The Portal Chef Set Up Menu Build To (Par Level)

To configure the Build To (Par Level) for a site:

  1. From the Store list, select the site.

    • Alternatively, use the Search field to locate and select a site.

  2. From the Build To section, select the day of the week.

  3. Directly under the day of the week, select a day part.

  4. Select Add New Build To Tab.

    • Optionally, from the dropdown, select a previously configured Build To tab.

  5. In the Tab Details section, type the Tab Name.

  6. (Optional) In the Tab Details section, select the 2-Panel Mode checkbox.

    • The 2-Panel Mode displays two (2) panels on the same Build To tab, one on the left and one on the right.

  7. In the Panel section, type the Panel Name.

  8. From the Timeframes dropdown, select the Time Frame.

    • The time frame determines the "current" and the "approaching" Build To times.

  9. From the Refresh Time dropdown, select the Refresh Time.

    • The refresh time determines the frequency in which the screen refreshes needs depending on sales and/or trending data.

  10. (Optional) From the Sorting Order dropdown, select the Sort Order.

  11. (Optional) From the Item Groups section, select the Item Group(s) checkbox(es).

  12. From the Items list, select the checkbox of the Item(s) to appear in the Build To panel.

  13. (Optional) If 2-Panel Mode was selected in Passo 6, repeat Passo 7 thru Passo 12 for the second panel.

  14. From the upper-right of the Build To (Par Level) panel, select Save.

    • Alternatively, select Reset to ignore changes.

  15. From the menu list on the left of The Portal, select Sync Changes to Restaurants.

For information about copying Build To configurations across days and dayparts, see Build To (Par Level) Copy Configuration.