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Events are configured through Xenial Cloud Portal and Data Management. To create or edit an event, see Events. For information about Event Types, see Event Types.


The Portal Administrator for the company must enable Event-Based Accounting in order to use this feature: Xenial Cloud Portal4-Dot MenuAdminAll Companies<The Company>General.

Additional information about events:

  • An account can both be the owner and renter of the same suite for different events (for example, one account owns Suite #1 for the whole sports season, and also rents Suite #1 for a concert in October), but it cannot subscribe to the same event for the same suite as both the owner and renter.

  • Only events in an open or pending state and with their Availability setting set available to Suite Catering-enabled sites are displayed on the Suite Assignment page (if an event is later set unavailable to the site, it will be removed from this page, but its previous suite subscriptions and orders still exist).