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Change Employee Status to Terminated

To change an employee's status to Terminated:

  1. From the Back Office Task Manager, select Payroll and Reports.

    • The Main Menu Selections screen appears.

  2. From the Main Menu Selections screen, select Change Employee Status Editor.

    • (Optional) From the View dropdown, select an employment status to filter the employee list.

  3. From the list, select the employee, and then select Select.

  4. From the New Status dropdown, select Terminated.

  5. From the Final Eval dropdown, select the applicable final evaluation record.

  6. Select Eligible for Rehire if the employee is eligible to be rehired at a later date.

  7. From the Reason for Change dropdown, select the reason for changing the employee's status.

  8. From the Effective Date dropdown calendar, select the date the new status takes effect .

    • If the effective date is earlier than the system date, the status change takes effect immediately.

    • To select a different month: Use the left/right arrows OR select the month that is displayed in the header to open a popup menu.

    • To select a different year: Select the year that is displayed in the header to activate up/down arrow buttons.

  9. From the Action Code dropdown, select the action code applicable to the status change.

  10. In the Comments field, type any comments concerning the employee's status change.

  11. From the Initiator dropdown, select the employee serving as the initiator for the status change, if applicable.

  12. From the Processor dropdown, select the employee serving as the processor for the status change, if applicable.

  13. From the Reason Detail dropdown, select the detailed reason for the status change, if applicable.

  14. Select OK to save the record.


When an employee's status is changed to Terminated, the system may prompt to calculate the employee's vacation pay.