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XCAT Suite Representatives List

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Suite Admin Settings Suite Representatives

The Suite Representatives List allow venue staff to quickly:

  • View and search for existing suite representatives;

  • Assign a primary suite representative by turning on the corresponding Primary toggle (NOTE: it is required that one and only one representative must be assigned as the primary suite representative);

  • Rearrange columns by dragging and dropping a column to its required place;

The Suite Representatives List displays:

List Header



Name of the representative.


Whether the representative is the primary representative. There can be only one primary representative.

Receive Customer Emails

Whether the suite representative should receive customer emails regarding SuiteSpot order updates.

Only Assigned Suites

Scope of SuiteSpot order update emails received by a suite representative.

If this option is toggled to Yes, the corresponding suite representative will only receive SuiteSpot order update emails relevant to their assigned suites. If this option is toggled to No, the suite representative will receive order update emails for all suites, regardless of assignment.


Description of the representative.

Email Address

Email address of the representative.

Phone Number

Phone number of the representative.