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Configure Suite Representative

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Suite Admin Settings Suite Representatives

To create, edit, or remove a suite representative:

  1. Navigate to the Suite Catering Suite Representatives area.

  2. From the upper-right of the Suite Representatives area, select New Suite Representative.

  3. In the Description field of the Create Suite Representative popup, type description about the suite representative.

  4. In the Name field, type the name of the representative.

  5. In the Email Address field, type the email address of the representative.

  6. In the Phone Number field, type the phone number of the representative.

  7. From the lower-right area, select Save.

  8. From the Name column, directly select the suite representative.

    • Alternatively, select the checkbox next to each suite representative, if selecting multiple suite representative.

  9. If needed, in the suite representatives list, toggle Receive Customer Emails to Yes.

    • Suite representatives with Receive Customer Emails toggled to Yes will receive emails regarding SuiteSpot order updates.

    • Once toggling Receive Customer Emails to Yes, the Only Assigned Suites toggle becomes available. By default, Only Assigned Suites is toggled to Yes, which means that the corresponding suite representative will only receive SuiteSpot order update emails for the suites that are assigned to it. If Only Assigned Suites is toggled to No, the corresponding suite representative will receive SuiteSpot order update emails for all suites.

  10. From the Actions dropdown, select Remove or Edit.

    • The dropdown is hidden and only the Remove button is displayed when selecting multiple suite representatives.