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Tip Procedures

This section describes the procedures related adding a tip to an order.

Add a Tip to an Order

To add a tip to an order:

  1. From the lower-left of the screen, select Options.

  2. From the Options menu, select Add Gratuity.

  3. When prompted to confirm the operation, select Yes to continue.


When an order is split after a tip is added, the gratuity percent is calculated for each new order and added to the respective order total.

Adjust a Tip Amount

If necessary, it is possible to adjust the amount of the tip after the order is closed.

To adjust the amount of a tip:

  1. From the upper-left of the screen, select the hamburger icon hamburger_menu_icon.

  2. From the System Navigation menu, select Order History.

  3. From the Order History screen, select the order.

  4. From the lower-right of the screen, select Options.

  5. From the Options menu, select Update Tip.

  6. From the list of tips, select the tip (if applicable).

  7. Use the popup keypad to type the new tip amount.

  8. Select Save.


It is not possible to adjust tips after the credit card batch is settled.

Customer-Facing Tip Screen

When particular pay types are used during the tender process, the customer-facing tip screen opens to display the following:

  • Suggested tip options (including "No Tip").

  • Signature capture, which enables the customer to sign their name with their finger, authorizing their tip and payment.

The customer-facing screen displays tip amount suggestions for the customer to select. The tip suggestions are determined by the order total and the order destination.

"No tip" and "Custom" options are provided enabling the customer to leave no tip or to specify a custom tip amount.

When the customer-facing tip screen appears, turn the terminal monitor to face the customer, allowing them to add a tip and sign their name.

Open the Tip Screen

To open the customer-facing tip screen manually:

  1. From the lower-left of the screen, select Options.

  2. Select Tip.