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Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Hardware Terminal Scheme

From the Functions page of the Terminal Scheme editor, enable the functions a user may access from the Functions screen of the Ordering application when using this terminal scheme.

Next to each function to include, toggle Enabled to Yes.

The following describes the functions:



Adjust Time Punches

Edit the clock in/out time of employee clock records.

Cash Pull

A Cash Pull is an audited procedure where the manager removes excess cash from an active drawer and then transfers the cash to a safe. This action reduces the opportunity for theft.

Change Terminal

The Change Terminal function provides the ability to quickly swap a POS terminal with another terminal that is configured for the site. For example, change a Counter terminal to a Drive-Thru terminal.

Close Drawer

Close an active drawer session for a cashier.

Create Refund Order

Refund selected items from an order.

Create Waste Order

A Waste Order transaction allows the input of selected menu items as waste. This action removes the ingredients from inventory.

Credit Card Batches

View credit card batch details.


Add and manager deposits.

Drawer Assignment

Assign drawer sessions to employees.

Drawer Audit Report

Generate the Drawer Audit Report (DAR) for the current drawer session.

Drawer List

View details about the current employee drawer sessions.

Employee Audit Report

View the Employee Audit Report.


Access the employee list and perform actions on employees: Change PIN, and Assign Badge.

Employee Tip Report

View the Employee Tip Report.

End Day

Manually execute End of Day (EOD).

Gift Card Balance Check

View the remaining balance on a gift card.

House Account

Tendering orders with a House Account enables a customer to accrue a balance for products sold that can be billed and paid at a later date.

Item Availability

Flag the availability of menu items. When an item is flagged as unavailable, the order taker cannot add the item to an order.

No Sale

A No Sale transaction opens the physical cash drawer without performing a Sale transaction.

Paid In

Paid In transactions maintain an audit record for currency added to a physical cash drawer that is not associated with a sales transaction.

Paid Out

Paid Out transactions maintain an audit record for currency removed from a physical cash drawer and used for business expenses.

Pay Tips

Pay tips to eligible employees.

Payment EOD

Manually perform EOD on processed payments.

Product Count

Product Count is an optional feature that enables the cashier to count products and send product count transactions to the Cloud.

This feature is useful in environments where inventory counting is performed at POS terminals and sent to the Back Office.

Refresh Data

Refresh the Data Management configuration data on the site terminals.

Refund Specified Amount

Perform a refund for a specified currency amount.

Reset Terminal

Reset a terminal and clear all its application data, including any transaction data that is not synchronized with other devices.

Sales Detail Report

Generate the Sales Detail Report (SDR).

Settle Batch

Send credit card batches to the clearing house for settlement.

Terminal Status

View the status of various aspects of the terminal, including network status, terminal scheme, and service versions.

Training Mode

Enable/disable Training Mode.

When enabled, all activity performed on the terminal is for employee training purposes only. Sales are not recorded or associated with a drawer session.

Update Timeouts

Read the timeout settings from the payment device and calculate the total transaction timeout to minimize the timeout value.


Access the workflow or sequenced task list for end of shift and/or EOD operations.

View Logs

View application event log files.