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Cash Drawer (Printer Connected)

Xenial Cloud Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Hardware Peripherals

To define settings for a cash drawer that is connected to a printer:

  1. From the upper-right of the Peripherals area, select New Peripheral.

  2. From the Peripheral Type dropdown, select Cash Drawer.

  3. From the Peripheral Schema dropdown, select Cash Drawer.

  4. From the Connection Type dropdown, select Printer Connected.

  5. Select Continue.

  6. Locate the Peripheral Type section.

    • Toggle Active to Active if the device is available for use at the site.

    • Multi-site users: To the right of the field, select the globe icon to define values for each site.

  7. Locate the Peripheral Configuration section.

    • In the Peripheral Name field, type a name for the device.

  8. Locate the Connection Configuration section.

    • From the Printer Connected dropdown, select the name of the printer.

    • From the Signal Type dropdown, select the communication signal type the device uses: Regular or Inverse.