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Audio Settings

Xenial Cloud Portal Data Management Kitchen Settings Kitchen Screen Settings

From the Audio page of the Kitchen Screen Settings editor, define audio settings for a kitchen screen:

  1. Toggle Allow Sound to Yes to enable sound functionality.

  2. From the File Method dropdown, select the desired option:

    • Legacy File Path (Windows Only) - Define network filepaths for each audio file.

    • Cloud Managed - Select audio files that are managed and stored in the cloud.

  3. Define the audio file to play for each listed event:




    Kitchen screen is opened or refreshed.

    New Order

    New order is added.

    Less Orders

    Order is removed by any method other than bumping (i.e. autobump, upstream bumping).

    Order/Item is Modified

    The assigned audio file alerts the staff when:

    • Order state is changed to Voided, Suspended, or Deleted.

    • Order destination is changed.

    • New item is added to order.

    • Item is deleted from order.

    • Item quantity is changed.

    • Item is duplicated.

    • Comment on order is added, edited or deleted.

    • Comment on item is added, edited or removed.


    Order is bumped.

    Warning for Hold Timer

    Hold Timer Warning time is expired.

    The Hold Timer is the amount of time the order has been sitting in the ‘Hold’ area awaiting customer arrival. The Hold Timer starts when the order is bumped from the upstream screens.

    See also Timing for Hold Timer on the Kitchen Cell Settings page.

    Overdue for Hold Timer

    Hold Timer Overdue time is expired.

    See also Timing for Hold Timer on the Kitchen Cell Settings page.