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Manage User Restaurant Access

The Portal [Product Tab] Admin Options Manage User Restaurant Access

To allow a user access to one or more sites:

  1. From the preferred browser, navigate to The Portal.

  2. From the product tabs listed across the top of the page, select the appropriate product.

  3. From the menu list on the left, select Admin Options.

  4. From the options listed in the center of the page, select Manage User Restaurant Access.

  5. From the list on the left, select the site or hierarchy group.

    • Use the + and - buttons to expand and collapse the site/hierarchy group lists.

  6. From the All Users menu, select the user.

  7. Select Allow Selected User(s) Access to: [Site/Hierarchy Name].

    • To remove a user, select Remove Selected User(s) from: [Site/Hierarchy Name].