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Add/Edit an Employee Record

Use the Employees Editor to set up and manage employee personnel records. The Employees Editor is accessible by management and support personal.

To add/edit an employee record:

  1. From the Back Office Task Manager, select Payroll and Reports.

    • The Main Menu Selections screen appears.

  2. From the Main Menu Selections screen, select Employees Editor.

    • The Employees Editor appears.

    • To filter the employee list by status, select the employee status to view from the View dropdown.

  3. Select New to create a new employee record -OR- to edit an existing record, select the employee name from the list. and then select Select.

    The Employees Editor consists of the following pages. The following table briefly describes each page.

    Page Name


    General Information

    Enter general employee information including name, address and emergency contact information.


    Enter employee payroll information including salary, bank account and job type information.


    No entry is required on this page.

    EEO Information

    No entry is required on this page.


    Assign a security level and password to the employee.


    No entry is required on this page.


Information is not required on the following three pages.