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EOD Workflow

The following functions are performed as part of the standard EOD workflow:



EOD Timecheck

Check if the time of day is within the allowable time range to run EOD. Manager Approval is required to override the TimeCheck run EOD outside of this time range.

Employee Drawers

Check that all employee drawers for the current business date are Closed and Counted. A list of drawers not yet counted is displayed. The manager selects a drawer from the list and then selects Count Now to perform a Drawer Count.


Check that all drawers are added to a deposit. If any drawers not yet added to a deposit are found, the Deposit Wizard opens, enabling the manager to add the drawers to a new or existing deposit.


Provide a Count Sheet and prompt the manager to perform a physical inventory count, either daily or weekly, based on the period. The manager must enter a physical count for every measure of every item on the count sheet.

Employees on the Clock

Displays a list of employees who are currently on the clock. The manager references this list to determine if any employees are Clocked In who need to Clock Out.


Generate any reports that need to be printed