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Take an Order

  1. From the list of items down the right of the Order Entry menu, select an item.

    • The time of day determines the default item tab.

  2. From the top of the Item Menu page, select the combo size.

  3. Under the combo size options, select a combo number.

  4. From the Modification Menu, modify the order as needed.

  5. From the lower-right of the Modification Menu menu, select Done.

  6. Repeat Toimenpide 1 thru Toimenpide 5 until all items for the order are entered.

  7. On the left of the Order Entry menu, review the Virtual Receipt.

  8. From the top of the Virtual Receipt, confirm the Order Destination.

  9. From the Functions listed across the top of the Order Entry menu, select Total.

  10. From the on-screen keyboard, type the Tent Table Number.

  11. From the Payment menu, select the payment type and process the payment.