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Password is invalid.

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Check to see if the CAPS LOCK or NUM LOCK key is active on the keyboard.

  • Xenial Support does not reset passwords. Please contact the site manager for assistance.

Manager card is not recognized.

  • If the manager card is new, select Terminal Update before attempting to use the new card.

  • Verify a POS access level was defined for the card.

  • Verify the card number was entered correctly when the card was added.

Manager Terminal is in Order Entry mode.

From the POS terminal:

  1. Swipe the Manager card using the card reader.

  2. Select Manager.

  3. Select the company logo.

  4. Type the Username/Password.

  5. Select Login.

The Management Console is displayed when Order Entry is expected.

  • From the upper-right of the screen, select the POS icon.

Orders are not displayed on the kitchen screens.

From the POS terminal:

  1. Select Terminal Update.

  2. Swipe the Manager card using the card reader.

  3. From the menu, select the order routing.

  4. Refer to the router option on the printed receipt and make sure it is set to the appropriate setting (not 0).