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What if the desired screen and/or display layout is not available for selection when linking a device?

Follow these steps to redeploy the display layout and refresh the setup screens:

  1. From the XDMB app on the Xenial Cloud Portal, review the display layout to ensure the desired screen is assigned, and then deploy the display layout to the site. See Manage Display Layouts.

  2. From the upper-left of the screen on the device, select Go Back to return to the share code screen.

  3. Resubmit the share code.

  4. Confirm the screen (display) and display layout are now available for selection.

How does one access the setup screens for the linked device?

From the remote control for the device, press and release the following three (3) buttons one at a time:

  • Unlabeled yellow button (located at the bottom)

  • Rewind (<<)

  • OK

Why is the TV constantly rebooting?

When Auto Set is enabled, error logs could be generated, which causes the TV to reboot. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. From the remote control for the device, press the Settings button.

  2. Select EZ Settings > SI Server Settings.

  3. Select SI Server Settings again.

  4. Set Auto Set to OFF.

What if an ‘Invalid Share code’ error is generated on a TV during the registration process?

To configure the time and date on the device:

  1. From the remote control for the device, select Settings.

  2. From the menu pane on the left of Settings, select General.

  3. From the General menu, select Time & Date.

  4. Toggle Set Automatically ON.

  5. From the Time Zone field, select the local time zone settings.