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Copy Configurations

To copy DMB configurations to other sites:

Copy Configurations from the Save Changes Menu

The option to copy configurations to other sites from the Save Changes menu only becomes available after changes to the original site are saved.

DMB content is managed through the Content Editor Page. To reach the main content editor page, follow the Configure Content procedure.

After selecting Save Changes from the content editor page, the copy configuration option appears. Use +/- to expand or collapse the list.

To copy the current menu configuration to other sites:

  1. Select the checkbox next to each site that is to receive the copied configuration.

  2. Select Save Changes to Selected.

  3. From the menu list on the left, select Sync Changes.

Copy Configurations from the Set Up Menu

The Portal DMB Set Up Menus Copy Configurations

To copy configurations from one site to another:

  1. From the Restaurant to Copy From dropdown, select a site.

  2. Select the Settings to Include from the available options.

  3. Use the expandable menu to select the sites to Copy To.

  4. Select Copy Settings.