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About Item Modifiers

Apply modifiers to an order item to add, remove or substitute its ingredients.

For example, when the Sandwich item is added to an order, its ingredients are not displayed on the order item listbox or the kitchen display - only "Sandwich" is displayed.

However, if the customer requests a modification, such extra pickles, the order taker applies the "Extra Pickles" modifier to the item. Now "Extra Pickles" is displayed below the Sandwich item on the order item listbox and the kitchen display.

This ensures the kitchen staff prepares the Sandwich item to meet the customer's request.

Order item modifiers are also printed on the customer receipt to assure the customer their order was prepared correctly.

Modifier Groups

A modifier group is a collection of individual modifiers. For example, a Condiments modifier group might contain the modifier records: Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonnaise. A menu item may have one or more modifier groups assigned to it.

When an item with an assigned modifier group is added to an order, modifier group placeholders are displayed below the item on the order item listbox.

The number of required selections is displayed above each modifier group on the modifier menu. The modifier group placeholder is highlighted in yellow until the minimum number of required modifiers is selected.

If an attempt is made to Total or Save the order before the required number of modifiers is selected, a prompt appears.

To select modifiers from a modifier group:

  1. From the order item listbox, select the modifier group placeholder.

  2. From the modifier menu, select the modifier(s) requested.

Modifier Builds

The modifier builds feature enables the application of a predefined set of modifiers to an order item without selecting each modifier individually.

For example, the "Deluxe" modifier build includes the modifiers: Cheese, Lettuce, Mayo, and Tomato. Apply the "Deluxe" modifier build to the Sandwich item with the touch of a single button.

Default Modifier Build

The default "build" of an order item refers to the set of modifiers that are automatically included with that item.

For example, the default build of a Sandwich item might include the modifiers: Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickles.

When an item is added to an order, its modifier menu opens. The buttons for the default build modifiers are highlighted in light blue and a checkmark appears on the upper-left of the item.

Apply a Modifier Build to an Item

To apply a modifier build to an order item:

  1. From the order item listbox, select the order item to modify.

  2. From the modifier screen, select the modifier build.

    • The modifiers included in the build are automatically selected on the modifier menu.

    • The build name is displayed below the item name on the order item listbox and the customer receipt.

    • Select the modifier build button a second time to remove it from the item.

  3. Select any other modifiers requested by the customer.

    • Modifiers included in a build are highlighted in light blue.

    • Individually selected modifiers are highlighted in white.

Quick Builds Menu

When the list of modifier builds does not fit on the screen, select Quick Builds to view the additional builds that are available for an order item.

From the Quick Builds dropdown, select the desired modifier build. The Quick Builds label is replaced with the name of the selected build.

All Builds Menu

If the list of remaining modifier builds does not fit on the Quick Builds dropdown menu, select All Builds to open a larger menu that contains the complete modifier build list.

  • The list is alphabetized and grouped by the first letter in the build name.

  • On the left side of the menu, use the provided tools to filter the modifier build list by name or ingredient.

Split Modify

The Split Modify function enables the operator to specify a quantity of identical order items to modify.

For example, an order contains three Sandwich items that are combined on the order item listbox. When the customer requests modifications to two of them, use the Split Modify function to split the combined items and modify them accordingly.

To split and modify a quantity of order items:

  1. From the order item listbox, select the combined quantity of order items to modify.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Split Modify.

  3. From the Split Modify screen, use the numeric keypad to type the quantity of items to modify.

  4. Select Save to close the Split Modify screen and open the modifiers menu for the selected order items.

  5. From the modifiers menu, select the requested modifier(s).

Fractional Modifier Quantities


The following is an optional feature that is configured by the system administrator.

This feature enables the operator to add fractional quantities of modifiers to order items. For example, a customer might request half the standard serving of relish, or one third the amount of mayonnaise on their sandwich.

Fractional modifier quantities are displayed on kitchen tickets and in the preparation instructions to ensure the kitchen staff prepares the product ingredients in accordance with the request.

To specify a fractional modifier quantity:

  1. From the order item listbox, select the order item to modify.

  2. From the modifier menu, select the modifier.

  3. On the modifier button, select the plus and minus sign symbols to increase or decrease the modifier quantity by a fractional amount.

Additional Modification Options

Additional order item modification options include:

  • Plain - Remove all default modifiers.

  • Regular - Undo item modifications and revert the order item to its default build.

  • All the Way - Add all allowed modifiers.