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Cashier Procedures

This section describes the procedures performed by a cashier.

Order Entry Screen Overview



System Navigation

Open the System Navigation menu to access:

  • Order Entry - Enter orders.

  • Drive Thru - Enter drive-thru orders.

  • Open Orders - Resume Open and Suspended orders.

  • Order History - View details about previous orders and perform various actions on those orders.

  • Functions - Perform terminal, drawer, and employee functions, and view reports.

  • Sign Out - Sign out of the terminal.


The system administrator defines the access permissions for the above features.


Employee Name

The name of the employee assigned to the drawer on this terminal.


Item Menus

The list of available item menus. Select a menu from the list to view the items on that menu.


Menu Items

The items that are available on the selected menu. Select items to add them to the order.

The quantity added to the current order appears in the upper-left of the item button.


Actions Menu

A list of actions to perform on order items. This list is only available when an item is selected from the order item listbox.


Order Total

The Total field displays the total amount due on the current order. This total includes the tax and any applied discounts. As items are added or removed from the order, the order total is adjusted.

To view a summary of the order total, select Summary. The field expands to display:

  • The subtotal (order total before tax or any applied discounts).

  • The total amount in discounts.

  • The total amount in taxes.

Select Total to proceed to the Tender screen to tender the current order.



Open the Options menu to access a list of order options.


The system administrator defines the available options.


Tray Number

The Tray field identifies the tray number currently visible on the order item listbox.


Order Item Listbox

Items added to the current order. Each line on the listbox specifies:

  • The order item quantity.

  • The order item name.

  • The price of the order item.

Item modifiers are indented and listed below the order item to which they apply.

Select an item from the order item listbox to perform an action on the item, such as changing its quantity or applying a modifier.


Order Destination

Identifies the order destination for the order. Examples of order destinations include:

  • To Go

  • For Here

  • Drive-Thru

  • Pick Up

  • Delivery

Select the down arrow next to this field to change the order destination.


Order Number

The order number assigned to the current order.

Toast Notifications

Toast notifications are displayed at the bottom of the Ordering application screen to notify the employee of a condition or event that requires their attention.

The notifications are automatically dismissed after a few seconds and do not require acknowledgement by the employee.

The following table describes the types of toast notifications.



Heads Up

This notification is colored blue and contains an icon with the letter i.

This notification contains information for the employee about a condition or event.


This notification is colored green and contains a checkmark icon.

This notification is displayed when an operation is successfully completed.


This notification is colored yellow and contains an exclamation point in a circle.

This notification is displayed to warn the employee about a condition or event.


This notification is colored red and contains an exclamation point in a triangle.

This notification is displayed to warn the employee about a critical issue that may disrupt operations.