Define Payment Settings for a Terminal Scheme

To define terminal scheme settings related to how customers can pay for their order:

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Hardware Terminal Scheme

  1. Open the Payment section of the terminal scheme record.

  2. From the Payment Type Scheme dropdown, select the desired payment type scheme to assign to this terminal scheme. A payment type scheme is a collection of eligible payment types.

    • The dropdown is populated with records created using the Payment Type Scheme editor, which is accessible from the Back Office Settings > Payments menu in Data Management.

  3. Select the Show Quick Split Payment Buttons option to include quick split payment buttons on the Tender screen of the Ordering application.

    • Cashiers use quick split payment buttons to divide the order total of a check into multiple parts that the customer can then satisfy using different payment types.

Overview of Payment Type and Terminal Configuration

The following is a high-level overview of the payment type scheme and terminal configuration flow in Data Management.

  • Payment type records are created using the Payment Type editor.

  • Payment type records are assigned to payment type schemes using the Payment Type Scheme editor.

  • Payment type schemes are assigned to terminal schemes using the Terminal Scheme editor.

  • Terminal schemes are assigned to specific terminals using the Terminals editor.

The Payment Type and Payment Type Scheme editors are accessible from the Back Office Settings > Payments menu.