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Invite a New User

The Portal [Product Tab] Admin Options Manage User Restaurant Access

To invite a new user to access The Portal:

  1. From the preferred browser, navigate to The Portal.

  2. From the product tabs listed across the top of the page, select the appropriate product.

  3. From the menu list on the left, select Admin Options.

  4. From the options listed in the center of the page, select Manage User Restaurant Access.

  5. From the Manage User Restaurant Access menu, select Invite a New User.

  6. In the provided fields, type the information for the new user. All fields are required.

  7. From the User Groups field, select the user group assignments for the user. The groups to which a user is assigned determine their access permissions.

    • When a user is assigned to multiple groups where one group allows access to an application, but another group does not, the user is allowed to access the application.

    • A user cannot assign another user to a group unless they are also a member of that group.

  8. Select Add & Invite User. An email invitation is sent to the user with instructions to register their account.