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Create a Daily or Weekly Count Sheet

Inventory count sheets are printable reports used to facilitate regular inventory count transactions performed at the site.

  1. From the Back Office Shell, select the Inventory & Reports application.

  2. Select the Inventory Transaction Editor.

  3. Select New.

  4. From the Transaction menu, select Physical Count.

  5. Verify the business date and actual transaction date are both correct.

  6. From the items filter menu, select Daily or Weekly Count.

    • Item list will vary based on what is configured to be counted on a daily or weekly basis.

    • Item list is sorted by the items' configured inventory locations and then by item descriptions.

    • Any item without a configured location appears under a plus (+) header and will be excluded from the count sheet until a location is configured for it.

  7. To use the count sheet as sorted by default, skip to step 9 below. To adjust the layout and/or sort configuration, continue to step 8.

  8. Select the gear icon in the upper right to open the Count Sheet Configuration options and make any necessary changes.

    • Select Apply to preview the count sheet changes in the inventory window.

  9. Select Count Sheet in the upper right to generate the report preview.

  10. Select the ellipsis button in the upper left (next to Locations) to open the list of available inventory locations and add some or all options to the report.

  11. Select Ok.

  12. Select View Report to populate the Count Sheet.

  13. Once the report is configured as needed, select the printer icon from the toolbar to print the count sheet.