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Drawer Status

The Drawer status utility displays the status of all drawers used during the current or selected business date.

  1. Open the Cash MGMT application on the IRIS Shell.

  2. Select the Drawer Status utility.

  3. The utility defaults to the current business date. To change to a previous business date, use the drop down calendar in the upper-left of the utility and select Go to Date to view the data.

  4. Use the utility to view the following information for the day's drawers:

    Column Header



    Current drawer status, including Counted, Ready to Count, and Suspended.

    Employee Name

    The name of the employee assigned to the drawer.

    Register Number

    The register to which the drawer was assigned. If the drawer was moved between multiple registers during the day, this number will be 0.

    Drawer Number

    The number for the drawer. The first digit of this number indicates the register number where the drawer was first assigned.

    Start Amount

    The starting amount of cash in the drawer when it was first assigned.

    Open Time

    The date and time the drawer was first assigned on the register.

    Close Time

    The date and time the drawer was closed on the register. If the drawer has not yet been closed, this will read DRAWER OPEN.

  5. When finished reviewing, select Ok.