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Count or Recount a Closed Drawer

This function is to be completed after the physical drawer has been counted and the cash amount noted in order to compare the count amount to the expected amount for the drawer.

  1. Open the Cash MGMT application on the IRIS Shell

  2. If this is the first count, select the Count a Drawer option. If not, select Recount Drawer. Only those drawers which have been counted will appear within the Recount Drawer utility.

  3. Locate and select the drawer to be counted and select Next.

  4. In the Envelope number field, enter the envelope or bag number for the deposited cash.

  5. In the Amount field, enter the cash counted amount and select Next.

    Note: the F2 key will open an itemized currency counter window which allows individual denominations to be entered by quantity on hand.

  6. The Cash Management utility displays a message indicating that the starting drawer amount is being subtracted from the count. Select Ok.

  7. The drawer variance page appears displaying the expected system count amount, drawer count amount, and the variance. Review and select Next.

  8. The completion confirmation window appears. Select Finish.

Note: Drawer counts can be validated in the Cash Drawer History Report located in the Reports application found on the Back Office Shell toolbar.