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Upgrade through The Portal

The Portal Chef Admin Options PHU Upgrade Utility

Before upgrading, ensure that the Holding Unit:

  • Is a network-enabled device.

  • Is connected to the same network as the Chef device.

  • Does not contain active pans.

During the upgrade process, ensure that the Holding Unit:

  • Remains powered on.

To update Holding Units through The Portal:

  1. From the Back of House computer, navigate to The PortalChefAdmin OptionsPHU Upgrade Utility.

  2. From the PHU Upgrade Utility, locate the row of the site and the corresponding holding unit(s).

  3. To the left of each desired row, select the checkbox.

    • It is possible to select more than one (1) row.

    • Upgrades are performed at the same time for all selected rows.

  4. From the upper-right of the panel, select Schedule Upgrade.

    • Alternatively, select Cancel Upgrade to cancel the process, or

    • Reset Changes to clear selections and start over.

  5. From the Set Upgrade Date/Time window, set the Date field.

    • Use the calendar to select a date, or

    • Type the date using the mm/dd/yyyy format.

  6. From the Set Upgrade Date/Time window, use the dropdown to set the Time.

  7. At the bottom of the Set Upgrade Date/Time window, select Save.

  8. Refer to the manufacturer-provided manual for instructions to confirm a successful upgrade.