Create a Xenial Portal Site

Xenial PortalSites

To create a new site from the Xenial Portal:

  1. From the Sites homepage, select Create Site.

  2. In the Site Details section of the General page, provide the requested site information:

    • Name - Type the site name.

    • Site ID - Type an identification code for the site.

    • Type - From the dropdown, select the site type.

    • Use EDM settings to update DM - Set the toggle to Yes if the Data Management configuration settings for the site are updated by Enterprise Data Management (EDM) via the Onboarding Lambda.

      Do not enable this toggle if the EDM product is not used.

    • Website - Type the URL for the website of the site.

    • Email - Type the email address of the site.

    • Preferred Language - From the dropdown, select the preferred language used by the site.


    Skip the Site Hierarchies section. A site can be added to a site hierarchy after it is created.

  3. In the Location section, provide the address and phone number of the site.

  4. Select Add New Alias to add an alias key for the site (if applicable).

  5. From the menu bar on the left, open the Services page.

  6. From the Services page, add service subscriptions for the site.

    • Select Add Service.

    • From the Add Services window, select the service subscription(s) to add, and then select Add [#] Services.

  7. From the Services page, configure the service subscriptions. Services that require configuration are highlighted in yellow.

    • Select the vertical blue ellipsis on the row of the service, and then select Edit from the dropdown.

    • Complete the configuration form for the service, and then select Save to return to the Services page.

  8. From the menu bar on the left, open the Custom Fields page to define any custom field values for the site (if applicable).


    For more information, see Define Custom Fields for Xenial Sites.

  9. Select Save.