Define Automatic Gratuity Settings

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To ensure the minimum tip percentage is met, configure the Ordering application to automatically apply a gratuity when a specified number of seats are added to an order. The applied gratuity is displayed in the Summary field below the order item listbox.

To define site-specific settings related to customer gratuities:

  1. Open the Tips and Gratuity section.

  2. Select Automatic Gratuity to enable the automatic gratuity feature.

    • From the Seats Count From dropdown, select the minimum number of seats an order must include to trigger the automatic gratuity.

    • In the Gratuity Percent field, type the percentage of the order total to include as an automatic gratuity. The gratuity is calculated based on the gross order total (Subtotal + Taxes - Discounts).

  3. Select Apply To Order Subtotal Pre Tax to calculate the gratuity before tax is applied to the order subtotal.

  4. From the GL Account for Tips Out dropdown, select the general ledger account to use for tips that are paid out to employees.