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Create an Order Source

To track sales based on where customers are placing orders, configure the Ordering application to assign an order source to each order.

Examples of order sources include: Mobile AppWebsite, and Restaurant Terminal

The order source assigned to an order is determined by the order source associated with the terminal scheme record. If no order source is associated with a terminal scheme, then the default order source for the store is assigned.

Associate order sources with terminal schemes using the Terminal Scheme editor, which is accessible from the Ordering Settings > Hardware menu in Data Management.

To create an order source:

  1. From the Xenial Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Ordering Settings menu, select Settings.

  3. Select Order Source.

  4. Select New Order Source.

  5. In the Name field, type the name of the order source.

  6. In the ID field, type an identification number for the order source.

  7. Set the Active toggle to Active if the order source is available for use at the site.

    • Multi-site users: To the right of the field, select the globe icon to define values for each site.

  8. Select the applicable options:

    • Restrict Re-Tendering - Do not allow cashiers to perform the Re-Tender operation on orders from this order source.

    • Is Marketplace - The order source is a marketplace merchant.

    • Is Tax Liable - The marketplace merchant is liable for taxes; taxes are not injected into the store. This setting is only applicable when Is Marketplace is selected.

  9. Select the applicable Void Options for orders from this order source:

    • Allow Voiding Unpaid Orders - Unpaid orders can be voided.

    • Allow Void Partially Paid Orders - Orders with an applied partial payment can be voided.

    • Allow Void Fully Paid Orders - Paid orders can be voided.