Bundle Configuration

A "bundle" refers to multiple products sold together at a combined price, such as a combo meal or platter.

Single item and/or group components can be added to a bundle. A group component consists of two or more items that may be selected as a single component during the order taking process.

For example, a combo meal might consist of the following group components bundled together:

  • Side items

  • Desserts

  • Beverages

To configure bundle settings for a product:

Xenial PortalData ManagementOrdering SettingsProductsProduct List

  1. Open the Build page of the product record.

  2. Locate the Bundle Configuration section.

  3. Set the Enabled toggle to On to enable bundle configuration.

  4. Set the Show Confirmation Prompt toggle to On to turn on the option.

    • If this option is turned on, the order taker is prompted to confirm combining order item components into a bundle. This prompt is displayed when bundle components are added to an order separately.

  5. From the Advance on Component Fulfillment dropdown menu, select the desired option.

    • Use Company Preference - If selected, the Advance on Component Fulfillment option selected from the Company or Site Preferences editor is enforced with this product.

    • On Final Component Choice - Once the order taker has fulfilled all components except for the final component, the tab for the final component is automatically displayed.

    • Do Not Automatically Advance - When this bundled product is added to an order, the component remains selected on the order item listbox enabling the order taker to perform another action on the component.

  6. Set the Perform Conversion on Change to Component(s) toggle to On to automatically convert all bundle component sizes when the size of one component is changed.