Custom Payment Device Settings (Bluetooth)


To configure a custom payment device, first define a custom schema using the Peripheral Schema editor.

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To define settings for a custom payment device with a Bluetooth connection:

  1. From the Peripheral Type dropdown, select Payment.

  2. From the Peripheral Schema dropdown, select Custom Payment.

  3. From the Connection Type dropdown, select Bluetooth.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Locate the Peripheral Type section.

    • Set the Active toggle to Active if the device record is available for use at the site.

    • Multi-site users: Select the globe icon located to the right of the field to define values for each site.

  6. Locate the Peripheral Configuration section.

    • In the Peripheral Name field, type a name for the device.

    • In the Adapter URL field, type the URL that links to the custom adapter.

    • In the Options field, type the configuration payment adapter in JSON format.

  7. Locate the Connection Configuration section.

    • The Connection Type field is automatically set to "Bluetooth".

    • The Adapter Type field is automatically set to "Bluetooth".