Create a Tax Jurisdiction

A tax jurisdiction is an area with its own distinct tax regulations, such as a city or county. Tax jurisdiction records are associated with tax rates.

The Jurisdiction dropdown on the General page of the Tax Rates editor is populated with the records created using the Tax Jurisdictions editor.

To create a tax jurisdiction:

  1. From the Xenial Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Ordering Settings menu, select Taxes.

  3. Select Tax Jurisdictions.

  4. Select New Tax Jurisdiction.

  5. In the Jurisdiction Name field, type a name for the tax jurisdiction record.

  6. From the Jurisdiction Type dropdown, select the administration level associated with the tax jurisdiction.

  7. In the External ID field, type an alphanumeric value that is used to identify the record when preparing data for export to third-party accounting and data warehouse solutions. This is an optional field.