Define Notification Service Settings

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Xenial provides the ability to subscribe to notifications about changes to orders and data. This may include changes to the status of individual orders, adjustments to master data, such as products and pricing, or notifications about new users or sites.


The Data Notification Service takes advantage of the Amazon AWS ecosystem, so an AWS account is necessary to grant access to certain resources. An understanding of how to utilize AWS integrations is also required.

To identify the channel that is used by the notification service:

  1. Open the Notification Service section.

  2. From the Notification Channel dropdown, select the desired notification delivery option.

    • Email - Notifications are delivered via email.

    • SMS - Notifications are delivered via a Short Message Service or "text message".

    • Push - Notifications are delivered via push notification (a popup message on a mobile device).

  3. In the Delayed Delivery Wait field, type a numeric value representing the amount of time the notification service should wait before sending delayed delivery notifications. The default value is 10.