Define Health Services

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The following describes how to adjust the volume of log files that are generated for system troubleshooting purposes.

By default, the Ordering application logs every action and sends all logs to the cloud. Most of the messages record routine events, which may or may not be useful to the individuals diagnosing issues.

Limiting the number of log files sent to the cloud also lengthens the life of terminal batteries and improves the performance speed of the Ordering application.

To define company-wide log levels:

  1. Open the Health Services section.

  2. From the Log Severity Threshold dropdown, select the minimum severity of logs to send to the cloud. The available values include:

    • Debug

    • Info

    • Warn

    • Error

    • Fatal

  3. In the Keep Local Logs field, type the number of days to store log files on the tablet. Valid values: 0-3. The default value is 3.