Define Bump Settings

The following describes the settings in the Bump page of the Kitchen Screen Settings editor. The Bump page includes the following sections:

Bumping Options



Print On Bump

Print a kitchen ticket at the local printer when an order is bumped.


From the dropdown, select the printer to route tickets to from this screen.

Print Template

From the dropdown, select the print template to use for kitchen tickets printed fro this screen.

Send Bump Events

Send order bump time data to XKM subscribers (or third-party integrators).

Order "bump time" is the time it takes to bump an order from the kitchen screen once it is received from the Ordering application.

Bump time data is used to calculate speed-of-service reports.

Auto Recall Bumped Items

Recall bumped items when a new item is added or an existing item is modified.

Allowed Bump States

For each order state that the kitchen staff is allowed to bump from the screen, set the toggle to Yes. For example, to enable the kitchen staff to bump Voided orders, set the Voided toggle to Yes.