Create a Payment Type Scheme

A payment type scheme is a collection of payment types for a terminal scheme. Assign payment type schemes to terminal schemes using the Terminal Scheme editor.

To create a new payment type scheme:

  1. From the Xenial Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Back Office Settings menu, select Payments.

  3. Select Payment Type Scheme.

  4. Select New Pay Type Scheme.

  5. In the Name field, type a name for the payment type scheme.

  6. Select Enable Order Tips to enable the user to add a tip to the order at the Ordering application.

  7. In the Payment Types section, select the payment types to include in the scheme.

    • From the Available column, select the payment types. To select multiple payment types, hold down Crtl on the keyboard and select each type.

    • Select the right arrow to move the selected payment types to the Included column.

  8. Select Save.