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Create a Portal User

Xenial Cloud PortalUser ManagementUsers

To create a user:

  1. From the Users homepage, select Create User.

  2. On the General page of the New User editor, type the user information in the provided fields:

    • Name - Type the name of the user.

    • Email - Type the email address of the user.

    • Preferred Language - From the dropdown, select the preferred language of the user.

  3. On the Roles page, assign Roles to the user account:

    • Select Add Role.

    • From the Add Roles popup, select the Roles to assign.

    • Select Add [#] Roles.

  4. On the Sites page, assign company sites to the user account:

    • Select Add Site.

    • From the Site Selector, select the sites to assign.

    • Select Select [#] Sites.

  5. Select Save.

Resend Email Invitation

An invitation to accept the new user account is sent to the user's email address. In the event the invitation is not received or accidentally deleted, resend the invitation.

To resend the email invitation to the user:

  1. From the Users homepage, select the user.

  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Resend Invite.