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Edit a Job Code

To edit a Job Code for an employee record:

  1. From the Jobs field on the Payroll tab of the Employees Editor, select the Job Code.

  2. Select Edit.

    • The Edit Job window appears.

  3. Edit the Job Code record values as needed.

    The following table describes the fields on the Edit Job window.

    Field Name


    Employee ID

    Contains the employee's ID.


    Contains the employee's name.


    From the dropdown, select the Job Code to add for the employee.


    Designate the Job Code as the employee's primary job.


    Make the Job Code inactive for the employee. This prevents the employee from Clocking In using the Job Code.

    POS Security Level

    From the dropdown, select the Security Level for the Job Code.

    The Security Level determines the POS functions the employee can access when they Clock In using the Job Code.

    A Job Code with a Security Level greater than 20 cannot access POS Manager Functions.

    Performance Rating

    From the dropdown, select the employee's performance rating for the selected job .

    Skill Level

    Type the employee's skill level for the selected job, if applicable.

    Pay Rate

    Type the pay rate the employee receives for the selected job.

    Previous Pay Rate

    The previous pay rate the employee received for the job, if applicable.

    New Pay Rate

    Type the new pay rate for the job.

    Effective Date

    From the dropdown calendar, select the date the pay rate change takes effect .

    • If the effective date is earlier than the system date, the pay rate change takes effect immediately.

    • To select a different month: Use the left/right arrows OR select the month that is displayed in the header to open a popup menu.

    • To select a different year: Select the year that is displayed in the header to activate up/down arrow buttons.

    Reason for change

    Type the reason for changing the pay rate.

    Action Code

    From the dropdown, select the applicable action code.

    Approval Obtained

    Select this option if the pay rate change is approved.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.