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Deposit a Drawer

The Deposit Drawer utility is used to submit an initial cash drawer deposit.

  1. Open the Cash MGMT application on the IRIS Shell.

  2. Select Deposit Drawer.

    • The New or Existing Deposit Select Page appears.

  3. Choose the Create a new deposit option and select Next.

    • The Itemized Deposit Selection Page appears.

  4. In the left pane, select the drawer to be deposited and select Add to move it to the items selected to be deposited list on the right. Then select Next.

  5. Fill in the Enter Deposit Amounts Page with the information required and select Next

    Note: See table below for an explanation of the fields on the Deposit Creation Page

  6. Select Finish on the confirmation page.

Field Name


Deposit Number

This field contains the assigned deposit number.

Enter the bag number in which the deposit was placed

Type the bag number for the deposit in this field.


Type any comments about the deposit in this field.

Pay Type

This column lists the pay types included in the deposit.

Total Close Amount

This column contains the system count of each pay type.

Expected Deposit

This column contains the manual count of each pay type.

Actual Deposit

Type the dollar amount of each pay type you are actually depositing in this field.


This field contains the variance between the Expected Deposit and the Actual Deposit amounts for each pay type.

Verify Deposit

Type the dollar amount of each pay type you are depositing. This field is used to confirm the deposit amounts you entered in the Actual Deposit field.