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Xenial PortalDigital Menu BoardDashboard

From the XDMB Dashboard, view DMB site information and generate the share code that is used to link XDMB content to devices.

The following is provided for each listed site:



Site ID

ID assigned to the site.

Site Name

Name of the site.

Display Layouts

Number of display layouts assigned to the site.


Number of physical DMB devices used at the site.

Generate Share Code

Xenial PortalDigital Menu BoardDashboard

A share code is a unique 5-digit code that is generated for a specific site and its device. A share code cannot be used to link devices at more than one site.

To generate a share code for a site:

  1. From the site list on the Dashboard, locate the site.

  2. From the row of the site, select the 3-dot menu.

  3. From the popup menu, select Share Code. The share code is displayed.

    • Once generated, a share code is valid for 24 hours. See Link Device to Display Layout.

    • If the code is expired, select Refresh Code.

    • The Share Code function is disabled if a display layout is not assigned to the site.

  4. From the Share Code window, select Close.