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Xenial Cloud Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Modifiers Modifier List

From the General page of the Modifier List editor, define general settings about a modifier, including reporting categories and tax groups. The following introduces each section of the page.




Specify how the modifier is identified on the Ordering application.


Assign modifier records to reporting categories to group associated modifiers together on reports.

Modifier Tags

Identify a group of modifiers by assigned tags when configuring modifier groups and modifier collections.


Assign a tax group to a modifier to identify the tax rate to apply to the modifier price.


Define various options for a modifier.


To specify how the modifier is identified by name:

  1. From the General page, locate the General section.

  2. In the Modifier Name field, type the name of the modifier.

  3. In the PLU field, type a price look-up code (PLU).

    • The PLU is an identification code used to improve the accuracy of inventory control.

  4. In the Alternate Name field, type an alternate name to identify the product in reports and on customer-facing displays.


To assign the modifier to reporting categories:

  1. From the General page, locate the Reporting section.

  2. From the Major Category dropdown, select the major reporting category.

    • Select New Major Category to add a new category.

  3. From the Minor Category dropdown, select the minor reporting category.

    • Select New Minor Category to add a new category.


The dropdowns are populated with records created using the Reporting Categories editor.

Modifier Tags

To assign a tag to a modifier:

  1. From the General page, locate the Modifier Tags section.

  2. From the Tags dropdown, select the tag(s).


    To quickly locate an existing tag, type the name in the Tags field.

To add a new tag to the tag list:

  1. In the Tags field, type the tag name.

  2. From the dropdown, select (Add New).


    Review the existing tags to ensure that the new tag is necessary and that it confirms with the naming convention of other tags.


To assign a tax group to a modifier:

  1. From the General page, locate the Taxation section.

  2. From the Product Tax Group dropdown, select the tax group.


    The Product Tax Group dropdown is populated with records created using the Product Tax Groups editor.


To define general options for a modifier:

  1. From the General page, locate the Options section.

  2. Toggle On the desired options:



    Always Print in Red (Where Available)

    Print the modifier in red ink on receipts and grill tickets to highlight the modifier for the kitchen staff.

    Allow Modifier Quantities to Change

    Allow the order taker to change the modifier quantity.

    Include in Plain Builds

    Include the modifier with a product when that product is converted to its “Plain” build.

Fractional Modifier Quantities

The Fractional Modifier Quantities feature enables order takers at the POS to adjust the serving quantity of modifiers.

Fractional quantities are printed on the kitchen ticket and displayed in the preparation instructions to ensure the kitchen staff prepares the product ingredients in accordance with the customer's request.

The following describes the behavior of the Ordering application when the Allow Modifier Quantities to Change toggle is set to On for a modifier record:

  • Select the "+" or "-" rocker on the modifier button to increment or decrement (respectively) the modifier quantity by the Increment Modifier Quantity by value, except for the following case:

    • If Increment Modifier Quantity by is set to 1, and the current modifier quantity is fractional, select "-" to decrement the quantity to the closest lesser integer (2¾→2). Select "+" to increment the quantity to the closest greater integer (2¾→3).

  • If Increment Modifier Quantity by is set to 1, long press the modifier button to open a popup menu that contains fractional quantity options. Select a fraction from the popup to adjust the current modifier quantity by that fractional amount. The available fractions are determined by the Secondary Increment value (described below). If Increment Modifier Quantity by is <1, the popup does not contain fraction buttons.

The following setting is only available when "1" is selected from the Increment Modifier Quantity by drop-down menu.

  • Secondary Increment - Select the desired value from the dropdown menu. The selected value determines the fractional quantity buttons that are available for selection by the order taker on the modifier popup menu.

The following table specifies the fractional quantity options that are available on the modifier popup menu on the Ordering application for each Secondary Increment value.

Secondary Increment

Fraction Options




1/4, 1/2, 3/4




1/3, 2/3