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Menu Layout

The following describes how to create a menu for the Ordering application using the Menu Layout editors in Data Management.

Menu Components Overview

The following describes the components that are used to create a menu, listed from the lowest-level component to the highest.





Item that is selected from a menu item group and added to an order.

  • Mushroom Burger

  • Hash Browns

  • Apple Pie

Menu Item Group

Collection of similar products that are grouped together on a menu.

This component provides the ability to segment products on a menu by type.

  • Hot Sandwiches

  • Lunch/Dinner Sides

  • Pies

Menu Category

Collection of similar menu item groups -OR- a collection of other menu categories.

Menu categories are displayed across the top of the screen. The sequence in which the menu categories are displayed on the Ordering application is based on their input/ID.


Input menu categories so they are displayed in the order of most-to-least commonly used.

  • Dinner Entrees

  • Lunch Specials

  • Desserts