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Xenial Academy Overview

The Xenial Academy is a Learning Management System (LMS) where learners take structured and repeatable courses designed to meet the needs particular to their roles and responsibilities. It notably provides comprehensive onboarding and new employee curriculum for Xenial Products through video, documentation, and eLearning resources. Additionally, Xenial provides assessment through tests and quizzes to help identify additional focus areas. 

Xenial works with the customer and project management teams to determine content needs and create a sustainable access method. Additionally, Xenial builds in gamification and reporting options to increase engagement and accountability to fit the customer’s business needs as well. The automated and on-demand reporting and dashboards give administrators regular updates on learner progress, offer accountability and coaching opportunities, and give business-specific feedback on learner knowledge retention.

Access to the Xenial Academy is through web browser to or can also be accessed via Mobile App. Watch this video to learn more.

Xenial Academy | Mobile App Overview

This video demonstrates how to access the Xenial Academy via the mobile app for an on-the-go and flexible learning experience.

Unique User Access

Each user has a unique login allowing the customer’s organization to certify learners on use and best practices, track individual progress and completion, allow self-paced learning, and personalize the experience. Additional gamification options help foster learner participation and allow individual insight into how they compare with others, promoting informal and social learning opportunities.

User access is gained by following the Group Key Instructions provided by the Xenial Implementation team or the customer's general management team.

Xenial Academy | Registration

To sign up a new user for the Xenial Academy:

  1. Navigate to

  2. In the upper-right, select Signup.

  3. Complete the information on the Sign up form.


    • User Name - use email address

    • Password - create something easy to remember

    • Store number - type your store number. If you are a regional/area manager, type "above store"

  4. Select Create Account.

  5. Accept Terms of Service. A confirmation email will be sent.

  6. Log in to the Xenial Academy.

Xenial Academy Group Key Instructions

In order to provide proper accountability and analytics, the onboarding and implementation teams at Xenial set up a specific group within the Xenial Academy for any new companies. Each is assigned a Group Key, which is utilized indefinitely to sign up all existing users and any newly hired users in the future. This method allows Xenial to select which relevant courses should be available and assigned to the specific customer. Any automated reporting is also set up for the group.

Xenial Academy | Join a Group

Joining an existing Xenial Academy group will assign group courses to the user and add the user to group reporting and analytics. To join a group:

  1. Log into the Xenial Academy using unique credentials.

  2. From the right panel, select Join Group.

  3. Type the unique Group Key provided by Xenial or the restaurant management team.

  4. Select Join group.

  5. Assigned courses appear in the main dashboard.