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Multiple Site Update Utility

The Portal Menu Maintenance Admin Options Manage Misc Restaurant Options App

The Manage Misc Restaurant Options App is located under the General area of the Admin Options menu. Alternatively, use the site search located on the upper-right to search for the utility.

The Manage Misc Restaurant Options App provides the ability to update configurations for multiple sites simultaneously.

  1. On the left, from the Restaurant Selector, select the checkbox next to the site(s) to update.

    • Alternatively, use the search bar at the top of the Restaurant Selector to search for a specific site.

  2. To the right, in the Configuration area, select the appropriate change(s).

  3. On the top-right of the Manage Misc Restaurant Options panel, select Save to Selected.

    • Alternatively, select Reset to revert changes.

  4. From the Change Overview Window, review the changes.

    • Changes appear highlighted.

    • If changes were made to a configuration with mixed results, only the sites with changes are highlighted.

  5. From the lower-right of the Change Overview Window, select Accept. At this point The Portal is unable to revert changes.

    • Alternatively, on the lower-left, select Do Not Accept to return to the configuration area, then from the upper-right of the panel, select Reset.

  6. These changes require a Portal Sync. For more information, see Sync Changes.

The Configuration Area

Review the following about the Manage Miscellaneous Restaurant Options Configuration Area.

  • Configurations are grouped into sections. Select the highlighted section to reveal the available options for each configuration group. Selecting another configuration group closes the previous group.

  • If a configuration appears dimmed, this indicates that the selected sites do not have the same settings. This is considered a mixed result. When this occurs:

    • For checkboxes: selecting the checkbox removes the setting from those sites with the configuration. Selecting the checkbox again to activate it, adds the setting to those sites that did not previously have the configuration.

    • For dropboxes: selecting the dropbox displays the available options. Changing the option changes the configuration for all sites selected.

    • If a mixed result configuration was changed in error, from the upper-right of the Manage Miscellaneous Restaurant Options panel, select Reset to revert changes.