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Receive an Invoice

To receive an invoice:

  1. From the Back Office Shell, Select the Inventory & Reports Application.

  2. Select Purchasing and Receiving

  3. Select Receive Invoice to run the process to search for and convert any new invoices into the invoice editor.

  4. When complete, select Invoice Editor to open the Invoice Processing window.

  5. Select the invoice to receive and select Post (or double-click the invoice).

  6. If any items on the invoice are rejected, the Rejected Items window appears and the items will need to be addressed. If not, the invoice will be opened for review.

  7. In the Edit Invoice window, locate the Purchase Order Field in the upper left. Choose the corresponding purchase order number for the invoice or select Hot Shot.

    • A Hot Shot purchase order is a generic purchase order created from the accepted items on the invoice.

  8. Once the correct Purchase Order is identified, select Ok.

  9. Select Ok to post the invoice.

  10. Select Ok to verify the invoice post date.

  11. Select Yes if a printout of the invoice is needed.

  12. When the Updating Inventory & Cost History window is complete, select Ok on the final confirmation prompt.