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Drive-Thru Events

The Total Number of Drive-Thru Events is optionally displayed on the Day Part and All-Day Tile. The Total Number of Drive-Thru Events is used to calculate the average speed of service.

Factors contributing to Drive-Thru Events are:

Completed Drive-Thru Events

The total number of completed drive-thru events is displayed on the Day Part and All-Day Tiles. This total is used to determine the average speed of service and the goal-met percentage.

Drive-Thru Director recognizes that unusual drive-thru events sometimes occur, such as:

  • Vehicles that travel through the drive-thru without stopping.

  • Vehicles that unexpectedly leave the drive-thru queue without completing their transaction.

  • Vehicles that unexpectedly appear in line without communicating with the menu board first.

To recognize and remove unusual events from reporting, drive-thru events must meet this criteria:

  • A completed drive-thru event must have a menu board event and a pickup window event. If one of these drive-thru events is missing, the event is considered invalid and does not contribute towards reporting data.

Minimum Total-Time and Default

Completed drive-thru events require two (2) components:

  • A completed menu board event

  • A completed pickup window event

The combined total-time of these two (2) events must meet a minimum total-time. If the combined total-time does not meet the minimum time requirement, the drive-thru event is not considered valid, and does not appear on reports as a completed drive-thru event.

The default minimum total-time is as follows:



Minimum Total-Time

15 seconds