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Par Stock Reports List

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Orders Par Stock Report

The Par Stock Reports List allow venue staff to quickly:

  • View the suites and accounts that have par stock reports,

  • Check the template name and state,

  • Search for and filter records,

    • When filtering records, special characters such as ^$".*+?()[]{}| are accepted for searching desired filtering criteria.

  • Rearrange columns by dragging and dropping a column to its required place.

The Par Stock Reports List displays:

List Header



Suite name


Account name

Template name

Name of the template

Template State

State of the template

If one item is removed from the product list via the Xenial Cloud Portal4-Dot MenuData ManagementOrdering SettingsProductsthe productActions dropdownRemove, this item becomes invalid. If all of the items in a par stock template are invalid, the state of the template is invalid. As long as the par stock template contains one valid item, the state of the template is valid.