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Transfer Summary

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Reports Inventory

The Transfer Summary report offers the ability to view the report data as a Summary View or a Site Type View. Use the Select View dropdown in the parameters menu on the left to change the view type.

The Transfer Summary report provides the following:

Report Header


Transfer Count Total

Located above the report, the number of returned data rows


The event name

Transfer Date

Date of transfer

Transfer ID

Assigned ID


Status of the transfer

From (Type)

Location type

From (Name)

Location name

From (ID)

Site ID of the sending location

To (Type)

Location type

To (Name)

Location name

To (ID)

Site ID of the receiving location

Transfer Type

Type of transfer

Reporting Measure*


Quantity Requested*

Requested transfer quantity

Quantity Received*

Received transfer quantity

Received Cost*

Cost of items received


Cost of transfer

Total Cost

Total cost of all listed transfers located at the end of the section of the report.

Column order depends on the selected report view.

* Only appears on Site Type View.