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Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Data Management Ordering Settings Hardware Terminal Scheme

From the Donations page of the Terminal Scheme editor, define settings related to the charitable donations prompt:

  1. Toggle Prompt Donation on Tender to On to automatically open the charitable donations prompt at the POS when the cashier selects Total to tender an order.

    The prompt reminds the cashier to ask the guest if they want to make a donation to a specified cause.

  2. From the Default Amount Type dropdown, select the desired amount type:



    Dollar Amount

    Define a specific donation amount to display on the prompt.

    In the Fixed Amount field, type the donation amount.

    The guest has the option to donate a different amount or decline making a donation.

    Round Up to Nearest Dollar

    Provide the guest with the option to make a donation by rounding up their order total to the nearest dollar.


To create donations, see Donations.